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"Mr President, if we want settlers and their children to integrate, we have to offer something into which to integrate. We have to project a sense of shared purpose, of common patriotism that can embrace all our citizens. What do people see when growing up in Europe? They see the idea of the nation state derided and traduced; they are told that the whole concept of national identity is both passé and dangerous. Consider the experience of a boy of, say, Moroccan origin, growing up in Molenbeek. What are his life experiences? His every interaction with the state will have taught him to despise it. If he was taught any history at all in school, it will have been presented to him as a hateful chronicle of racism and exploitation. He sees the two linguistic communities in Belgium identifying within themselves, rather than at federal level. But where does that leave him? What is there for him to be part of? Is it any wonder that a minority of people in those communities begin to cast around for a stronger, bolder, more self-assertive identity? The way to defeat a bad idea is with a better idea. There is no worse idea than Islamic State and no better…"@en1

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