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"I voted in favour of this resolution and decision. Activating the Flexibility Instrument to finance measures under the European Agenda for migration shows once again how important it is to ensure the flexibility of the European budget. Today’s reality cannot be any more clearly predicted, nor can one clearly distinguish between the areas of policy and action due to their interlinkedness and horizontal nature. The EP, EC and the Council should consider this when negotiating next multiannual financial framework and come up with innovative and flexible solutions. I am also pleased that in the general budget the EP managed to reverse most of the cuts proposed by the Council. Today we need to prioritise not only investments into EU economy and R&D but even more to citizens’ security. Facing the challenges of addressing numerous massive crises around the EU and the refugee flows, the proposed budget cuts lack touch with reality. As member of the WG on financial instruments, I especially stress flexibility to be able to allocate adequate resources to tackle the root causes of the refugees crisis. Only flexibility can make it possible to allocate necessary resources to assist people in their home countries"@et1

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