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"Mr President, we keep hearing that federalism has peaked and that we are having a more loose, flexible approach, and that we have a new Commissioner who is trying to pass fewer regulations. Then we have these debates demanding a single EU seat at the United Nations. It is the supreme definition of statehood that you sit as a sovereign entity. My objection is not that it is the British and French seats which are being given up – of course I do object to that, but I do not expect vast sympathy from the rest of the House. It is to the idea that we are building a state and government without any underpinning sense of nationhood. There is no European public opinion, there is no European demos, there is no sense of community of identity in Europe in the way that there is in Sweden or Portugal or Hungary. So purely from bureaucratic fiat, we think that we can create a flag, put a state behind it and get people to fall in line. It does not work. Human nature is always stronger than bureaucratic plans. Nations exist because they are cohesive units. The European Union is not."@en1

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