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"Mr President, the premise behind this report is false. The premise is that the best way to bring marginalised communities into the mainstream is through government action and government spending. I would say the opposite actually: where trade unites, politics divide. Taking money from one place to give it to another stirs up conflicts and disputes, and encourages recipients to start arranging their affairs – consciously or subconsciously – around receipt of the subsidy instead of through their own efforts. Actually, the best way to integrate people is by allowing them to trade freely, one with another, through contract, without intervention. There is no better system than the market, as Milton Friedman once pointed out, for bringing together people who might not otherwise like each other. The opposite is true: that the free market is some kind of atomised individualistic system. There is no other system ever devised by human intelligence that so encourages empathy, that so encourages you to put yourself in the shoes of somebody else, as one where you have to rely for your own welfare on the custom of the people around you."@en1

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