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"The interconnectedness of the European electricity market is seeing some real progress. The Baltic States could soon be connected to the Nordic electricity market through the connections to Sweden and Poland that should be completed by December 2015. A true single energy market would also lower the price for the European citizens. Achieving lower prices is a priority for the EPP Group and we expect the EU to deliver on that. Energy security still remains a great concern. The so-called Nord Stream 2 (NS2), presented as a deal between private companies, is clearly a political project, dominated by Russian state monopoly Gazprom. As such it will undermine EU energy security, principles of fair competition and European solidarity. Using Nord Stream 2 will enable Russia to stop sending its gas through Ukraine and increase its hold on Kiev and the economy. As MEPs, we are highly concerned about such back-door energy deals and about the ease with which multinational companies can bypass EU rules on competition and unbundling. In particular, big international energy deals have to be fully transparent and provide for diversity of energy supplies, not increasing dependency on Russian gas. I support the Polish Government’s initiative to stop NS2. In fact, several European countries are against these plans. The EC must scrutinise this project with special care."@et1

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