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"Mr President, these discharge votes are kind of tedious. They are especially tedious for you. You are taking it in good cheer and you are being courteous and friendly, as always, but here we are, one after another, basically having the same argument about every one of these quangos and institutions. There is always some improper spending, there is always some waste – not because they are European but because they are quangos. It happens at every level. It happens at national level. The reason it happens is because they know that the oversight is limited to an occasional debate here involving people who, for the first time, have looked up what these agencies are, have no idea where they are and have never visited them. And so you have a situation where the employees, not being answerable to anyone, can concentrate on making themselves comfortable. Human nature being what it is, that is what goes on – and thus we have built this great corpus of interest of people who want to carry on with the project, not because of any great philosophical or idealistic attachment to it, but because it has become a handy way to make a living. Would we all not be better off – you and me and the interpreters who could go home – if we simply cut out a number of these agencies?"@en1

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