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"I voted in favour of this report. The European Citizens’ Initiative is to become an efficient tool for millions of EU citizens to participate in shaping EU politics. From an enthusiastic start, it had a bumpy road towards practical implementation. A multitude of initiators and signatories of different initiatives have complained about bureaucratic burdens and non-friendly user procedures. This is what this report aims to improve. Firstly, the citizens’ initiative procedure has to provide timely and continuous information so that possible hurdles and non-compliance can be prevented. The Europe Direct Contact Centre has to be prepared and ready to answer questions at every stage of preparing for a launch of an initiative. The one-stop online shop should also be providing support for preparation of citizens initiatives and help in guiding activists through the initiation process; it should assist with translation, technical, legal and other information and aid. Data collection must be harmonized, so that it becomes easier to actually collect signatures. Secondly, the online signatory system is not working properly. Signing online should become simple and yet safe; it should be possible to link the signing page with social media and web campaigns."@et1

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