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"I voted in favour of this report. It opens the door to the European single market for electronic communications. Abolishing roaming fees is overdue, but now it shall be accomplished by July 2017. It will make travelling and working in the EU easier and cheaper. In a way it is a symbolic act of truly open Europe, a victory that benefits all European citizens and fosters equal opportunities for European enterprises. Net neutrality as presented in the report, seems to be sufficient to protect the interests of an open and non-discriminatory internet. I echo the concern of various representatives of the internet community. Risks will always remain, as net neutrality could be implemented in different ways and on different ethical levels. Nevertheless, I remain optimistic and trust that all the stakeholders, especially the European Parliament, have taken such risks into account. In order to go on with the European digital market and related legislative acts that will soon be proposed by the Commission, we need to have regulated the European electronic single market. If we had started bargaining again, it would have jeopardized possibly the whole process, delaying the whole European digitalisation process."@et1

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