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"Madam President, there is a difference between a tax haven and a territorial state that simply happens to have low taxes. You can cut your taxes without doing anything improper or illicit. I think for example of the Bailiwick of Guernsey, which as recently as the 1980s had an economy based on tomatoes and tourism but which is now a territory with far higher income per head than anywhere in the EU, because it has managed its affairs properly. Now when I look at their lack of VAT, their maximum cap on income tax, their lack of inheritance tax and I see that they are providing the same level of public services as anyone else, I do not think it is they who have the problem. Perhaps their advantage is that they were not in the European Union and that they were therefore able to tailor their policies to suit their own conditions and needs. The rest of us could learn from countries which have proximity to the citizen, small scale of government and efficiency in fiscal matters instead of trying to bully them. Instead of seeing them as a threat, we should see what they can offer us."@en1

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