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"Nord Stream 2 poses a principal dilemma to the EU. Are we following our own common policies or turning a blind eye? A consortium of five energy giants has agreed with Gazprom to increase the volume of Nord Stream by 55 cubic metres by 2019. As a result, the EU will significantly increase its energy dependence on Russia, whereas one of the main aims of the third energy package is to diversify energy sources. This is not an economic, but a political problem. The energy package also clearly foresees unbundling measures that in this case are clearly ignored. Gazprom, which has been the most ferocious opponent of unbundling has obviously achieved a victory over EU common policies. Nord Stream 2 aims at bypassing pipelines crossing Ukraine. This will result in weakening Kiev economically and promise more energy insecurity for central European states. Instead of eliminating energy islands in the EU, the latest developments will create new ones. I call upon the European Commission to investigate closely these developments and to rigorously apply the EU third energy package, ensuring full compliance with unbundling rules and energy diversification goals."@et1

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