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"The European small claims procedure should simplify and speed up litigation concerning small claims in cross-border cases, and reduce costs. It was designed specifically to help consumers and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) enforce their claims, thus ensuring access to justice. This procedure has proven to be a useful tool, though it needs to be broadened in order to minimise the bureaucratic burden. The European small claims procedure has reduced the costs of litigating cross-border small claims by as much as 40 % and has cut the duration of litigation from up to two years and five months to an average of five months. Usage of small claims tribunals in some Member States, however, remains significantly low, and consequently more needed to be done in terms of legal certainty, use of modern technology and transparency of proceedings. I call on the Commission to come up with an e-solution to mediate between the different parties, by enabling digital signatures, e-identification and electronic procedure, in order further to reduce litigation time and costs."@et1

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