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"The real situation and economic survival of European farmers is threatened by the current crisis and needs to be addressed both by the EU Commission as well as by the respective Member States. In addition, the farmers’ situation is dependent also on their country of residence. What is worrying me especially is the fact that the income gap between countries which joined the EU since 2004, and older Member States, has during the past 11 years remained practically the same or even widened. Ironically, even today, Orwell’s famous saying ‘all are equal but some are more equal than others’ holds true. The current crisis in the dairy sector is a dramatic example of this inequality. In Estonia, milk prices for producers are about one third lower than the EU average. Both the EU and the Member States need to work to eliminate such an unacceptable divide to ensure fair conditions for all participants. The EC has foreseen EUR 500 million extra aid to EU farmers, with Estonia anticipated to get some EUR 7 million. This is clearly not enough to address the crisis and to balance inequality of incomes. They need more both from the EU and from the national budget."@et1

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