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"Mr President, all of us, being human, tend to over—estimate our centrality to events. Just as we insist on seeing the migration crisis as being our responsibility, rather than that of Assad or Islamic State, so we tend to assume that the Middle Eastern crisis is somehow for us to solve. The reality is that our ability to exert a positive influence is limited. It is not zero, but it is limited. It is up to the peoples of the region to come to their own deal, and actually they are inching towards a deal. One of the bits of the deal which they do seem to be agreeing on is that there will be some land swaps, some different border. That is why I think it is a mistake for the European Union, in this report, to come blundering through and assume the 1967 border as the final outcome, because that is the very kind of thing that the negotiations are there to determine. This is not designed to bring the two sides closer together. It is not just about making ourselves feel better. It is not always about us."@en1

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