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"Mr President, the Commission’s proposal for refugee quotas is not sustainable on either moral or practical grounds. The moral objection is that the people already in the EU are not those most in need. If we were interested in helping Syrian refugees rather than in trying to prop up Schengen, we would be taking people directly from the camps. When we take people who have already made the journey to relatively safe EU countries, we in effect reward the people traffickers. In fact, we contract out our immigration policy to them. But there is also a very practical objection, and it is this: you cannot have quotas and, at the same time, the principle of free movement of people. Sooner or later, those refugees will get travel documents and the two things are incompatible in the long run. Schengen, like the euro, was a fair—weather system. Neither has survived its first crisis. They worked perfectly well when the sun was shining. They have crumbled beneath the storms. The EU’s monumental ambitions lie shattered: two vast and trunkless legs of stone stand in the desert."@en1

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