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"In 2014 we elected a political president to the European Commission and today, 2015 he delivered his first speech on the State of the Union – a political speech that this house has not witnessed for very long time; a speech that was highly emotional, and very strong in the statements. As the EU, we need to face the reality that instead of blaming and shaming, we have to find a way to work on common challenges. Refugee crisis is not a problem of one Member State, nor will it be solved by one alone. It is our common responsibility and solidarity. The weakest link is EU´s foreign and security policy which lacks tools and real political will to fight the root causes of current refugee crisis and to put an end to the war in Syria and Iraq. It is reassuring to hear the president of the Commission expressing strong solidarity with Baltic States and Poland by stating that the security of our borders is untouchable and should be perceived as such also in Moscow."@et1

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