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"Mr President, as one of the instigators and a strong supporter of the Citizens’ Initiative in the European Parliament over the last two terms, I am really pleased today to see that this Parliament has supported this European Citizens’ Initiative and has asked the Commission to come forward with a legislative proposal that would recognize universal access to, and the human right to, water. Furthermore, this resolution stresses that, by no means, should the Commission promote the privatisation of water, and the important words here are ‘by no means’. However, as a strong supporter of subsidiarity, I do not want to open the door and give the Commission the right to decide what is included and what is excluded from trade agreements in terms of public services. That right of decision is for Member States only, and in our efforts to achieve certain outcomes – namely to exclude water from trade agreements – we need to be careful. As I said, if we give the Commission the right to include we also give them the right to exclude and I do not want that. That decision is for Member States only."@en1

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