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"I voted in favour of this report. According to 2009 Commission report 60% of all businesses in the EU are family businesses, accounting for 40-50% of all jobs in the private sector. Family businesses mostly bear a long-term perspective, aimed to last over generations, presenting a different reality than regular non-owner enterprises. This is an added value, we need to foster in the EU. Currently there is no adequate definition on family businesses; some linger between SMEs and bigger businesses whereas they could not be categorized as big corporations. Without clear legal definition, family businesses could face unnecessary red tape and would not be eligible to funds that they actually would be entitled to. One of the core calls of this report is to have more data, facts and figures from the individual Member States in order to better understand the issues and challenges that the family businesses are facing. Proper data would not only allow decision makers on the EU and national level to exchange best practices, but to learn about the situation on the ground and provide best policy to facilitate the sustainability of family businesses."@et1

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