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"I voted in favour of this report. Parliamentʼs support for TTIP is a crucial message to the Commission and its US counterparts and sends a strong signal to the Commission team engaged in further negotiations. I firmly believe that between friends and allies, one cannot have any taboos. On the contrary, if needed, we can frankly argue our differences to find the best suitable compromise. This report, which has experienced serious turbulence since June, was finally adopted on the basis of satisfactory compromise and with a clear majority. Aided by the efforts of the PPE Group, no additional red lines were created. At the same time, Parliament wants to ensure that European standards on health and consumer safety would not be lowered. A variety of concerns from society are now addressed in the report. Parliament’s report also asks for the disputed ISDS to be replaced with a reformed version that provides an acceptable solution for all sides. I underline once more the importance of TTIP in managing globalisation on the basis of democratic values and fair competition. Not only the EU and the US, but also everyone else would benefit from an open, democratic and legally regulated global market."@et1

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