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"Mr President, unlike most of the people who have just spoken, I have no problems at all with the principle of free trade. I think it has been the greatest advance of the last half-century. It has raised millions of people throughout the world in agrarian, as well as developed, economies. It has cut global poverty – extreme poverty – by two-thirds since 1990. But TTIP is not only about free trade. Part of it will involve uncontroversially good things like mutual product recognition. But it also allows corporations to erect barriers to entry to take control of the regulatory regime in order to make life harder for their smaller rivals – and therefore, by implication, for consumers. I do have to say one thing, though, to opponents of TTIP on the Left of this Chamber. The things that they are objecting to – the resolution of disputes mechanism, the contracting-out of public services – are not introduced by TTIP: they are intrinsic properties of the European Union. You should be honest about the origin of what it is you do not like. It is not something that suddenly becomes objectionable because it involves the United States. If you have a democratic objection – and I can see why you might – then it is really the entire EU you have your problem with."@en1

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