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"Mr President, yesterday we did not vote on TTIP. Yesterday we voted on the parameters being set down by the Parliament for the negotiations. We outlined our requirements – our red lines, as it were. I voted against ISDS, but the Parliament voted for an alternative – to replace it with a better system. This is a real improvement, but it did not go far enough for me. So, while I voted against ISDS, I abstained on the final vote. I did not want to support a text that is not crystal clear. However, the text contained many positive things, such as strong statements on workers’ rights, on maintaining EU standards in the areas of food, chemicals, labour law etc., and – crucially – the exclusion of public services from the deal. Those were all strong messages that I wanted to send to the Commission. In the final analysis, if we get a good TTIP I will support it. If we do not, I will not. That decision will not be taken for some time yet. It may even be years away. In the meantime, I said ‘no’ to ISDS, but I also sent a clear message to the Commission on other crucial areas."@en1

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