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"Madam President, I want to thank Laura and Jean for their excellent work on the two reports. For now, I will concentrate on the green economy. In this context I fully support the view that sustainable patterns of consumption and production have a very significant potential to generate new jobs and help transform existing jobs into green jobs. That is in fact what I would call future-proofing employment opportunities. In order to achieve that future-proofing we need to anticipate future skills needs. In that context, we should listen to CEDEFOP who propose that adapting curricula and including environmental awareness with an understanding of sustainable development and business efficiency is better than proposing new training programmes. That is down-to-earth and informed advice and we need to take it on board. I fully support the phasing-out of environmentally harmful subsidies and indeed I support the rapporteur when she calls for the phasing-out of all subsidies by 2020. I also support the call to the Commission requesting independent studies on the costs and benefits of a shift in the tax burden, for example from labour to environmental taxation. While taxation is a Member State competence, the results of these studies can and should inform thinking in the Member States. We now have the opportunity in the framework of the European Fund for Strategic Investment to promote investment that will act as a catalyst for a green transition. In the area of social policy, this fund can alleviate energy poverty by promoting energy-efficient homes and in the context of job creation we, in ALDE, fully support the creation of decent jobs, as defined by the ILO, which will lead to quality employment."@en1

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