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"Madam President, I was glad to support this report from my colleague Mr Jim Nicholson. It comes at a crucial time. The global dairy index is now at 634, which is just less than half of what it was in 2014. It is just 61 points below its lowest ever point, which occurred in 2009, and for an Irish dairy farmer with 75 cows that equates to a loss of approximately EUR 35 000 per year. As I speak, people in the town of Monaghan, Ireland, are now paying 29 cents per litre for milk, but that is going in the wrong direction. That is why I was pleased to see such strong support in this Parliament for stating that the existing safety net measures alone – such as public intervention and private storage aids – were not sufficient tools for addressing the persistent volatility or indeed for any crisis in the milk sector. I am calling on Commissioner Phil Hogan to implement more responsive and realistic safety net measures, and to ensure that the intervention price must better reflect real production costs and real market prices."@en1

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