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"Latvia is a country that serves as the best example of how to recover from deep economic crisis, pursue responsible fiscal and economic policies, and pay back debts in time. They have shown that with political will and people’s reason and trust, one can go from deepest recession to highest economic growth. And they have behaved as responsibly and reasonably also during the last six months. I am very pleased to see the successes of the Latvian EU Presidency. Having had to adapt to terrorist attacks and ever growing security concerns in the EU close neighbourhood, Latvia did not lose the grip on what had to be done in the EU. In the very last days of the presidency they achieved agreements on ending the roaming fees by 2017 and an important breakthrough on the Network and Information Society Directive that will serve as a basis for protecting our critical information systems and infrastructures. An agreement on Strategic Investment Funds was on the table in record time. Also, a long desired agreement on a Data Protection Directive was agreed on. The Energy Union and Digital Single Market are on the track. In my view Latvia has lived up to the expectation of a small and efficient Member State bringing steady progress into many processes."@et1

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