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"Madam President, four months ago my fellow Irish MEPs and I received a letter from Mario Draghi confirming the presence of the Vice-President of the ECB, Mr Vítor Constâncio, at an informal exchange of views with the relevant Irish committees. This was in the context of a letter from all Irish MEPs asking that a suitable representative from the ECB attend the Irish banking inquiry. However, to our dismay, we now hear that Mr Constâncio is withdrawing his offer. In recent weeks there has been seriously-conflicting evidence given to the Irish banking inquiry on decisions on the Irish guarantee and not burning bondholders. These conflicts arise between evidence given by former senior civil servants, one of whom is now a Member of the Court of Auditors, and Mr Jean-Claude Juncker, at an informal meeting in Dublin. So we, as Irish MEPs, are again writing to the ECB to request a meeting with President Draghi, or with Mr Vítor Constâncio, because the very least that Irish citizens can expect is that their elected representatives at European level can obtain all relevant information pertaining to the role of the ECB in the Irish banking crisis. We spent the last one-and-a-half hours in this Parliament talking about transparency. We need it at all levels."@en1

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