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"Madam President, recent events such as LuxLeaks have shown EU citizens that some corporations pay very little or indeed no tax. Such tax evasion is not acceptable, and therefore it is good to see that the Commission is relaunching its action plan for fair and efficient corporate taxation. I think one of the questions that we need to answer is: how much can the EU do on its own, and how much should we do in conjunction with the OECD, for example through its BEPS project, which needs to be fully implemented? The EU can and should take action. But I think it is crucial to remember that a global approach is also necessary in parallel with our own action plan. Transparency should be core to our efforts, and I hope this Parliament will vote for country-by-country reporting when it gets the opportunity to do so at the next Strasbourg part-session. Commissioner Thyssen, you said that the Commission is going back to the drawing board on CCCTB, and I think this is necessary due to the complexity of some of the earlier proposals. I think the crucial issue for small Member States in CCCTB will be how the formula is found to apportion the share of profits. Previous formulae were based on sales, employment and capital investment, and they favoured large countries over smaller countries. So I think that formula needs to be nuanced. I think in order to get everybody on board, the system must be fair for citizens and for Member States."@en1

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