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"Madam President, I feel that I have maybe done the European Union a bit of a disservice. I have been here for16 years and I have been railing against fraud, waste and corruption – and heaven knows, there is plenty of it – but maybe I was unfair to pick on the European Union simply for sharing attributes that go with almost all global bureaucracies, including this one. The basic problem here is not that the EU attracts bad people. Of course it attracts some bad people – man is fallen, and there are always some individuals who will give in to temptation – but no more than any national government and no more than any other bureaucracy. The difference is the lack of accountability. The businessman is answerable to customers, clients and shareholders. We politicians are answerable to voters, at least in theory. But the Eurocrat, the FIFA delegate, the UN official, the member of the International Olympics Committee – you name it – they are accountable only to themselves and so can concentrate on making themselves comfortable, which is why the only solution, instead of setting up more probes and more inquiries, is to take power closer to the people so that you cut out the opportunity for the corruption."@en1

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