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"Madam President, there were a number of amendments to this report which I supported, but unfortunately the entire Parliament did not. These referred to the appalling situation in Qatar, where 1 993 migrant workers have already died building infrastructure for the World Cup, and also to the fact that the ILO tells us that, in certain cases, the three requirements for the definition of ‘forced labour’ are in place in Qatar. I find it extremely unfortunate that the House could not see its way to supporting those amendments today. The other issue raised by some of my colleagues here today, and indeed last night, is that of the EUR 5 million pay-out to the Irish authorities by FIFA. While I accept that this money was used to support small clubs, etcetera, I disagree with my colleague Brian Hayes when I ask the question: ‘does the end justify the means?’ In this case, I think it does not. At best, this was an improper transaction and, because of that, the money should be returned. Given that it has already been spent on small clubs, etcetera, I believe it is now the duty of the state to step in and give that money to the Football Association of Ireland. But we should return the money to FIFA."@en1

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