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"I voted in favour of this report. One of the EU’s biggest problems is its energy dependence on third countries. This often affects EU decisions, making them milder than need be. Russia has in the past literally blackmailed the EU with energy and seems set to continue this practice. This report set out a range of policy lines and measures to increase EU independence from external energy. In light of growing instability in several of the countries that supply the EU with gas and oil, we cannot delay finding realistic alternatives. I regret that the outcome of the vote was negative. I do not believe that the EP is against diversifying energy sources or against calling for an EU energy security strategy, but unfortunately with this vote the EP got trapped along rigid lines. Nevertheless, I hope that the Commission will take the question of energy security very seriously and will come up with real policy solutions soon. And when they do so, I hope that the EP will engage in a more constructive debate than we have seen today."@et1

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