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"Mr President, let us take it as read that all of us care about the survival of the species and of the planet. There is no one in this Chamber who wants our children to fry. That should not need saying but, given the tone of the debate, it evidently does. The argument is about what is the best approach in order to steward our resources: does it necessarily have to involve more bureaucracy, more wealth redistribution, higher taxes and more decline of state sovereignty? Now, obviously, if you happen to like all of those things anyway, it is easy to persuade yourself that there is no other method to control climate change. But I would suggest that the facts about the environment suggest something different. The countries which have done the most to improve environmental and ecological standards are the ones which have become wealthy and have therefore been in a position to do it. In fact, the best thing to have happened for the environment was the collapse of the Berlin Wall and with it, the smokestack industries, which was exactly what those in the left of this House supported at the time. Cheer up, things are getting better."@en1

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