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"Madam President, anyone who still clings to the idea that the European Union is an association of nations should just look down the list at the topics covered by this gender equality report: pay, workplace rules, violence against women, media portrayals, abortion rights. Whatever else this is, it is not an association of states collaborating intergovernmentally. For what it is worth, I voted against, because I do not think any of these things should have to do with Brussels. But I have to say that I resent the slightly bullying tone implicit in the debate that, if you are voting against this report, it is because you do not care about violence against women or because you do not care about media portrayals. Can we not take it as common ground that everyone in this Chamber is concerned about these issues? The argument is about the location of decision—making. On sensitive issues of this kind it should be determined by our national democratic mechanisms and procedures. It is precisely because it is important to us that we want the decisions to be taken not by unaccountable bureaucrats, but by elected representatives whom we can hire and fire."@en1

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