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"Madam President, today Wolfgang Münchau said it clearly: Greece needs to survive and eventually to prosper within the eurozone. Anything less than that is surely not acceptable to the Greek people. With a 25% drop in income and debt piling up on all sides, the Greeks know that more of the same simply will not work. If the rest of the eurozone does not see what is in front of their noses, then they are just plain stubborn, they are happy to play with fire or they simply do not care. This week many of us will speak of the geopolitical importance of a trade deal with the US, and we are right to do so. Yet at so many different levels we have a geopolitical crisis sliding towards disaster within the eurozone. Whether your cold logic tells you that we must preserve an intact eurozone, or whether your social conscience cannot live with the impact of the economic crisis on Greek citizens, does not matter, because this has gone way beyond politics. European politicians have to stop playing to the gallery, whether in Brussels, Strasbourg, Athens or Berlin. If we do not fix it – and properly this time – we are sowing the seeds of our own destruction."@en1

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