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"I voted in favour of this very important legislation that has now passed the last needed step to be adopted. Corruption is of main concerns for the EU citizens and it costs EU economy about EUR 120 billion annually. It serves as vital help for terrorists, criminal gangs and makes it much easier to bypass sanctions that have been applied to certain third states. Control on money laundering has been notoriously weak and insufficiently coordinated. Non-transparent money flows stemming from suspicious sources have found their way to the EU, where they benefit criminal groupings, shadow economy and terrorists. The legislation foresees public registers of beneficial ownership. Member States have to ensure that these central registers, commercial registers or company registers within their territory contain information about the beneficial owners and will be made accessible by competent authorities. It has to be highlighted that the legislation is very firm on exceptions and did not surrender to the pressure by the banking, gambling and credit card industries which advocated for more exceptions and ambiguous rules."@et1

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