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"Mr President, I would like to extend huge thanks all of those who have welcomed me back to this institution so warmly. I do detect, however, in some of the smiles and laughter directed at me, a slight hint of nervousness – and so there jolly well should be because there is going to be a British referendum on whether we stay in or whether we leave this European Union. For the first time in many decades there will be a fundamental debate on the existence of this Union and the need for it in the modern world. I have to say that this referendum would not have happened without UKIP and its people’s army of millions of supporters. It is pretty clear that, actually, when it comes to renegotiation, nothing substantial can be achieved, because already all the big bosses in Europe have said that the freedom-of-movement rules are not up for negotiation and that there will be no treaty change on this point. That, for us, is simply not good enough, and it goes to the heart of the debate this morning. What we want in Britain is an Australian-style points system so that we can choose who comes to live, work and settle in our countries. I would bet that, if such a proposal were put to all of your electorates in your Member States, they too would opt for that policy. A month ago I warned Mr Timmermans that the common EU asylum policy had absolutely no security checks whatsoever and that there was a genuine threat of ISIS using this policy to infiltrate our countries and to pose great threats to our society. I was laughed at out loud here. People said I had no evidence for it. Well, now even the Libyan intelligence agencies are saying that ISIS are not only making money from trafficking people but are also beginning to send us their terrorists directly. We need to have another think. We must not allow our compassion to imperil our security."@en1

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