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"I voted in favour of this report. One of main objectives is to create an European e-health system. Here the current gap between Member States is biggest. In some MSs e-health usage exceeds 80%; in others it is lower than 5%. An interoperable e-health system would not only ease the life of patients, but would also provide for comparison of different health care systems to effectively detect and eliminate shortcomings in the healthcare systems. Resistance to antibiotics is a growing concern, caused in some cases by irresponsible and too widespread prescription of antibiotics and by their usage both in human and veterinarian medicine. Prescribing antibiotics must be better justified and targeted. This applies especially to veterinarian medicine where systemic use of antibiotics has become part of normal economic development. Whereas Europe ranks very high on quality health care, still the complications caused by human factor are too high. Hospitals and healthcare facilities must make it their core business to minimise these complications. This must mean not only properly training all medical staff, who directly and indirectly come into contact with patient, but also fully informing patients about needed pre—care and after—care hygiene."@et1

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