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"Madam President, I supported the amendment which asked the Commission to consider a legislative framework to encourage the development of new antibiotic drugs. In 2011, 25 000 patients died as a result of infections caused by resistant bacteria in the EU. All countries have significant problems in regard to antimicrobial resistance, including my own country, Ireland. Just six months ago a national group was set up to tackle this issue. Dr Tony Holohan from the Department of Health has said that urgent and immediate action is needed, as we are entering an era when simple infections could again become killer diseases. But what is really shocking is that, according to Dr Tony Cox of the Irish College of General Practitioners, nursing home residents in Ireland are more than twice as likely to be on an antibiotic than in any other European country. There is an urgent need to address this problem of over-prescription of antibiotics in Ireland, particularly for the elderly. Our health information and quality authority needs to take immediate action on this issue of over-prescription of antibiotics, because it is putting the health of the general population, including the elderly, at risk."@en1

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