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"Digital performance in the EU varies greatly, the best performers rank almost twice as high as at the lower end. The digital single market strategy and the accompanying legislation have to reduce existing barriers to a minimum. This cannot happen unless Member States commit themselves to preferential investment in digital solutions – e-government, e-health, e-commerce, digital signatures. A supportive and customer-friendly legal and structural framework is needed at EU level as well as at national level both for citizens and businesses. To provide for cross-border e—European solutions, the Commission has to come forward with ambitious legislative proposals. Only 7 % of SMEs sell cross-border. Lack of trust among sellers and buyers is based on prejudices, high delivery prices and complicated tax systems. Providing a minimum commonality in rules would change the picture. Online content – music, newspapers, books – must be made available for customers. Ironically it is practically impossible to purchase any audiovisual products online from another EU Member State. Europeanising copyright and ending geo-blocking must happen. I call on the Commission and the Member States to tear down these protective walls and enable a genuine e-Europe! Every EU citizen should have the option to be paperless in doing business, sign documents online, use e-prescriptions valid everywhere and buy goods online regardless of location. This is what the EU is supposed to be!"@et1

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