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"I voted in favour of this resolution. Parliament is proposing to the Commission to come forward with an alcohol strategy to answer the dramatic and worsening socio-economic developments that alcohol is causing. Europe has about 12 million alcohol addicts, a quarter of road deaths are linked to alcohol, domestic violence is often linked to alcohol. Europe’s economy loses EUR 155.8 million euros a year due to alcohol-related problems. The resolution unites all political groups, a phenomenon not often seen in this house. As a result, Parliament will send a strong message to the Commission and Member States to take this matter seriously. One of the arguing points remains labelling and the fear, especially in the Southern European states, that labelling and other requirements could harm the image of traditional wine culture. In my view indicating the nutrition value and consistency on the bottle would make sense. A comprehensive alcohol strategy would contribute to saving lives and reducing costs. But most importantly it will provide better protection for children from alcohol-related harm."@et1

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