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"Mr President, first of all I want to thank the rapporteur Ms Morin-Chartier for her efficient and timely handling of this report. Parliament has tabled no amendments in an effort to speed up the process so that Member States can access their share of these one billion euros in prefinancing that has been put on the table for the Youth Employment initiative. With youth unemployment still at an unacceptably high level in so many different Member States, it is crucial that Member States take all possible measures to fund the Youth Guarantee. Unfortunately, the Member States worst affected by youth unemployment are those that have the greatest difficulty in securing the co-funding. This is not new money, it is money that is already in the budget, but what we voted today was to give Member States the possibility to move quickly and put programmes in place to give hope to those young people under 25 who are not in employment, education or training. Finally, I just want to say I agree with some of the colleagues who say that we must ensure proper standards in traineeships and internships so that we do not take advantage of those desperately seeking employment."@en1

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