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"The Commission has come forward with a European Security Agenda (ESA) that aims to create an EU area of internal security, based on a shared agenda between the Member States, and their mutual cooperation. Addressing the need for an inter-agency and cross-sectorial approach and bringing together internal and external dimensions of security is important. The Agenda also points out a general EU weakness. Whereas in principle it has a wide set of different regulations, directives and agreements in place, those are often not applied or implemented in a proper and efficient manner. I hope to see success here when it comes to security. Speaking about terrorism, the ESA is very much in line with the PPE proposals from January 2015 in aiming at better sharing among Member States, tracking money transfers, strengthening the PNR and other systems. The ESA also proposes a good set of anti—radicalisation measures that aim both to prevent and to rehabilitate. What is missing in my opinion are possible initiatives to counter cyber-terrorism. The need for enhanced external and internal cooperation is self-evident and I would like to see concrete measures proposed."@et1

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