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"Renewed commitment to creating an EU Energy Union is too crucial in the new security situation to be watered down by typical national differences. A working Energy Union means developing coherent energy diplomacy, based on EU core values. I call for the synchronisation of the Baltic states’ energy systems with European continental networks to be speeded up. Remembering the first anniversary of the Russian annexation of Crimea, the EU must take care that this outrageous act against international order will not be overshadowed by further fighting in eastern Ukraine. I congratulate President Tusk on having achieved the highest common denominator in applying restrictions on Russia. However, the slightest rift in unity, or any nervous attempt to shortcut the way back to Realpolitik, could encourage Putin to continue his brinkmanship. We are at a breaking point. Sanctions have started to make an impact. Therefore I encourage all hesitant Member States to make EU policy vis-a-vis Russia more united, more ambitious and more pro-active, to use President Tusk’s terms. The EU has to keep the sanctions going until the Minsk Agreements are fully implemented. That implementation must include Crimea, which was not mentioned by name in Minsk."@et1

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