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"I voted in favour of this report. I commend the Serbian Government for its efforts to align with the EU legislation in its pre-accession process. Nevertheless, I recommend that the Serbian Government not use its urgency procedure too much and that it give enough time for the various actors in society to consult and discuss various items of legislation. I regret the statement by the Serbian Government that it would never agree with sanctions against Russia. I call on the Serbian Government to bring its values and aims into line with EU foreign policy. Russia is an aggressor violating the borders of its neighbouring country and conducting hybrid war against Ukraine. Undermining the European stand against an aggressor would undermine the whole European project, and I am sure that that is not the aim of Serbia. I am also greatly worried about the situation regarding freedom of media and expression. Media ownership has to be transparent. Any attempts to influence independent media and censor critical voices are not in line with democratic values and cannot be tolerated. I call on the Serbian authorities to seriously tackle the matter of freedom of media and expression and ensure compliance with European democratic values."@et1

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