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"The fiscal and economic credibility of the EU lies in complying with the rules. Therefore I regret that France has for the third consecutive time failed to do so. I welcome the decision of the Commission to scrutinise further France, but I remind the Commission that a system of fiscal discipline, including penalties, has been established with collective efforts and political will. Everybody without exception has to respect it. The credibility of the euro will depend on each and every Member State meeting their commitments. The euro area crisis started many years ago with looking away from breaches of the established criteria by the two biggest Member States. This provided a contagious example for the rest to follow on this slippery slope. I am also alarmed about the Greek rhetoric. Instead of providing a list of measures about conducting crucial reforms, one has to listen to threats and insults towards particular Member States. The result will be undermining the EU as a whole. For me, it is problematic to explain to Estonian people why they should, during the next years, bail out a government that shows so little responsibility towards its own people and for the sacrifices of solidarity by Member States, some of them with a monthly minimum salary of less than EUR 350."@et1

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