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"The European Parliament has called for an integrated single energy market for several years. The Council’s deadline for the completion of the internal energy market was set for the end of 2014. In the new international situation the security of the EU is directly threatened. Any further delay is bound to undermine Europe’s internal and external stability. Continued existence within the EU of isolated energy islands depending on supplies from third countries will make the union vulnerable to external economic blackmail. One of the core issues for the future will be offering consumers more diversity and choices. Energy poverty needs to be addressed adequately. The focus has to shift onto reduced and energy-efficient consumption, including investing in zero-energy buildings. Consumers must have clear and real-time information on their energy consumption and costs, and on energy-saving possibilities. The Energy Union has to specifically address the micro-producers. More and more private individuals produce their own energy, using solar panels and air-earth pumps. The immediate task is to accommodate both EU and national regulations in a flexible way to fit their specific needs, reducing regulatory burdens and guaranteeing them a natural space in the energy market where they are often regarded by big producers as a nuisance. The goal is to make consumers more independent from major energy grids."@et1

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