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"Mr President, I would like to thank the Commissioner for his strategic proposals and strategic document. We have changed trains today from the European Energy Community to the Energy Union. That is very good. The purpose has not changed: secure, sustainable and affordable energy for our citizens and businesses. We have the same principles and tools, like European law and funding. What is new, now and for the future? Political will. It has not always been there. Let me stress three key points of the proposal which I admire very much. Firstly, close coordination of purchases to have stronger standing relations with external suppliers not only . Secondly, we need to expand the Energy Union to the neighbourhood countries of the Energy Community and observers, such as Turkey. Thirdly, we need efficient governance of the Energy Union. As you know very well, Parliament has always expressed its strong support for a more integrated energy policy. We, in this Parliament, should play an important role in the creation of the Energy Union and we are ready for such a responsibility. Without the Energy Union, it will not be possible to achieve competitiveness, economic growth and the creation of jobs in the EU. Our citizens will not feel secure from the fear that energy, as a political weapon, will be in use in the years to come. So let us create the Energy Union."@pl2

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