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"Mr President, while the internet has been one of Europe’s most transformative assets in terms of expanding opportunities for businesses and consumers, we must accept that it has also aided the faceless criminals who prey on children online. It is therefore an area where we are right to work together to seek solutions and fight against such abuse. November 2014 saw the publication in my own constituency of Northern Ireland of an independent report into child sexual exploitation, compiled by Kathleen Marshall. This found that, in one instance, a school reported it had identified six cases of online grooming in the last four years. In another example, it found that, in a facility for vulnerable young people, the number of cases of online abuse had increased from five in 2008 to 22 in 2013. The most recent Young Life and Times Survey in Northern Ireland reported that a staggering one in nine 16-year-olds had experienced grooming. We really must ensure that our children are equipped to deal with the internet. But, more than that, we must ensure that the global giants who run the internet ..."@en1

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