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"I voted in favour of this resolution. Internet governance must be based on a multi-stakeholder approach, providing transparency and full accountability. I urge the UN General Assembly to renew the mandate of the Internet Governance Forum in this regard. And I call upon the EU institutions and Member States to support the multi-stakeholder approach both in discussions and decision-making. In this regard, I also would like to reiterate the call on the Commission, the Member States and all relevant stakeholders in paragraph 6 to further strengthen the sustainability of the multi-stakeholder model by making actors and processes at the national, regional and international levels more inclusive, transparent and accountable. Whereas strengthening security in the Internet is needed to prevent and detect terrorist incidents and radicalisation, this cannot mean a fully state-controlled Internet and mass-surveillance of citizens. Ensuring that human rights are respected also online must be the common underlying principle. Europe has good cards to provide a balanced answer to the dilemma between privacy and security and could by those means become a role model at a global level."@et1

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