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"I voted in favour of the joint resolution. This resolution is the follow-up to the debate that was held during the last mini-plenary and is based on the anti-terrorism pact proposed by my group, the EPP Group. It is to be welcomed that other bigger groups are willing to work on this jointly to engage all European forces in the fight against terrorism. I would like to urge a serious stepping up of the cooperation and exchange of information between Member States. Without such an efficient exchange, prevention and detection will not work. We immediately need setting up of PNR data-sharing, detecting and controlling effectively the export and sales of firearms within the EU and also to and from the EU among the first steps. The EU has to seriously look into the money flows and how to cut financing of terrorist cells in the EU and elsewhere. Pressure has to be put also on the states that finance radicalisation. I welcome the call on the EEAS to develop a strategy for an EU external strategy combating international terrorism, addressing the sources of terrorism and mainstreaming counter-terrorism."@et1

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