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"I had to vote together with the PPE Group against the text. As the key amendments proposed by the PPE were not accepted, the text of the resolution remained seriously unbalanced. The resolution in question cannot be treated as an isolated case. It is part of the EU and USA bilateral relationship which is in a crucial stage as the TTIP talks are entering a decisive phase. The PPE text underlines that transatlantic cooperation has always been based on common values, including promotion of fundamental human rights, but also joint efforts to combat terrorism. We welcome the fact that the USA Congress has been willing and able to expose deviations in the treatment of prisoners who were heavily suspected of being active terrorists. This is a sign of healthy and strong democracy. We have absolutely no reason to doubt the commitment of American institutions to the basic principles of citizensʼ rights. It is a bit hypocritical to point a finger at President Obama for not having closed down the Guantanamo facility, while ignoring the fact that very few EU governments have been willing to accept prisoners kept there."@et1

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