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"Russia’s expanding its influence by direct aggression and hybrid warfare against its neighbours goes far beyond concrete military actions. It poses a direct threat both to Ukrainian and European long-term security. Russia’s sabre-rattling, Soviet-style propaganda of obvious lies and intolerance, financing extremist movements in Europe, has made it clear beyond any doubt that Mr Putin’s strategic aim is to reduce Ukraine to the status of a failed state, unable to make independent decisions like integrating itself into the European space of rule of law. Mr Putin sees the EU not as a strategic partner but as a strategic adversary, to be split and weakened. The USA and EU have to seriously consider aiding the Ukrainian army to defend itself. This would mean providing technological and specialist assistance to equip Ukraine with adequate know-how and ICT. In the short term, the EU has to considerably increase its humanitarian and development aid to Ukraine, providing also refuge and asylum as well as enabling students to continue their studies in the EU countries."@et1

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