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"The underlying point now is that we cannot wait any longer to put in place adequate counter-terrorism measures. The EPP Group has always stressed the need for a Passenger Name Record (PNR) system and has emphasised that need in its strategy for counter-terrorism, as presented on 28 January 2015. Credit card and telecoms companies are already obliged by law to keep their data for up to six months. Why should it be different when it comes to PNR data? Up to this point, the EU has focused on securing data protection and privacy, leaving security aside. The deteriorating security situation and the radicalisation around us are clear proof that privacy and security have to complement one another. Preventing radicalisation and terrorist attacks should be the core aim. There should be close cooperation with social network companies to restrict access to terrorist material online and remove any terrorist propaganda. One effect of such action would be to help curb hate speech, and that needs to be addressed in laws across Europe. Cutting off the means of propaganda alone is not enough: tracking down and disabling the financing of terrorism is another important pillar. We need a terrorist finance tracking system. To back up the establishment of an EU black list of European jihadists and terrorism suspects, we need to put in place an EU smart border system and to cooperate closely with third countries."@et1

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